BluMurano Sculpture

Denise Gemin & Fornace Mian


"BluMurano" is a sculpture project made up of over 100 elements in artistic glass: each piece is unique and is mouth-blown and hand-worked in the furnace by the master glassmakers of the Fornace Mian in Murano. In particular for this realization a mysterious mineral that makes it bright in the dark has been added to the glass.The overall diameter is 300 cm and height 280 cm. The internal metal structure is composed of a conical central cage with pins supporting the glass and equipped with internal lighting. It represents a large blue waterlily lying on the lagoon with petals in shades of blue, aquamarine, blue, cerulean, sapphire and blue that create a play of light with the sun on the lagoon.


The inauguration of this installation will take place on Saturday 7th September, at the same venue.


Organised by: Denise Gemin & Fornace Mian

Image captions

Images Courtesy of: Denise Gemin & Fornace Mian

1. & 2. Blumurano_lavorazione scultura Denise Gemin
3. Blumurano_render scultura Denise Gemin
4. Blumurano_acquarello progetto scultura Denise Gemin
5. Blumurano_prospetto scultura Denise Gemin
6. Blumurano_fotoinserimento@FornaceMian scultura Denise Gemin

Our event is coming soon! Stay tuned!
  • Saturday 4th September


  • Sunday 5th September


  • Monday 6th September


  • Tuesday 7th September


  • Wednesday 8th September


  • Thursday 9th September


  • Friday 10th September

    3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

  • Saturday 11th September


  • Sunday 12th September


  • September 26, 2021 9:22 am local time

Type of Venue
Atelier / Furnace