Transparency and glass: looking through

DFS Italia / Associazione Closer / Marina e Susanna Sent


The architect Rosa Chiesa, historian and critic of contemporary design, with Marina and Susanna Sent, will participate in a talk entitled "Transparency and glass: looking through", to be held in the women's prison in Venice and which will be open to both inmates and public. We usually think of glass as a transparent element but, over time, this transparency, which is strongly linked to technical factors, has evolved. If the first glasses appear milky and almost opaque, the refinement of the material and the techniques have led to its current perception, as a transparent compound, traversable by the look. Through a series of examples, we will show how the appearance of glass is not one but multiple, and its wealth and potential, fragile and resistant at the same time, can offer countless uses for both artistic purpose and everyday life.


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Organised by: DFS Italia Srl / Associazione Closer / Marina e Susanna Sent

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  • November 23, 2020 10:29 pm local time

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