Glass around us: science, technology and art

Ordine dei Chimici e dei Fisici della Provincia di Venezia


The Order of Chemists and Physicists of Venice proposes a conference dedicated to the science of glass, an ancient and widespread, but often poorly known material. We will talk about glass as a container: health and hygiene aspects, levels of toxicity and safety of use. The specific uses and production technologies that reduce energy consumption will be illustrated. We will then talk about the use of glass in construction, with particular attention to environmental comfort and energy saving. Some specific production techniques will also be illustrated (types of ovens, first and second processes, etc.). Finally, we will talk about glass for lighting, and its historical and artistic evolution, specifically in Murano, from the beginning to the present day.


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Images Courtesy: Ordine dei Chimici e dei Fisici della Provincia di Venezia

1. Il vetro come contenitore: linea produttiva
2. Il vetro in edilizia
3. I lampadari di Murano oggi

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  • Saturday 5th September


  • Sunday 6th September


  • Monday 7th September


  • Tuesday 8th September


  • Wednesday 9th September


  • Thursday 10th September

    2:30 pm - 5:30 pm

  • Friday 11th September


  • Saturday 12th September


  • Sunday 13th September


  • November 23, 2020 11:10 pm local time

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