Inauguration: Cave in Time

Baiba Dzenīte


Inauguration of the exhibition "Cave in Time"


"Cave In Time" is a poetically frozen moment. Here three mythical yet constant elements surround a viewer: Mother Creation, Eternity and their child Experience. Geometrically interlocking forms have been brought to life creating visually pulsating objects using highly polished surfaces and masterful light-play. Artworks by Sabine Mezkaze & Baiba Dzenite are a combination of modern and traditional technology of freely mouth-blown glass played-out in experimental manner, creating yet unseen objects for more so decorative as well as practical purposes.

Image captions

Images Courtesy of: Baiba Dzenite

1."EXPERIENCE" small vase with gold on Black moon marble | 13 x 27 x 13 cm | mouth-blown glass | collection 'Experience' | design by Baiba Dzenite & Sabine Mezkaze
2. "MOTHER CREATION" a mirror object in mouth-blown glass | blue-black & clear glass, mirror | 11 x 12 x 12 cm | collection 'Mother Darkness' | design by Baiba Dzenite & Sabine Mezkaze
3. "MOTHER ETERNITY" a mirror object in blue, caramel & clear glass | 13 x 27 x 12 cm | collection 'Eternity' | design by Baiba Dzenite & Sabine Mezkaze