Inauguration: Glass. The current relevance of an Art

Comune di Venezia


Inauguration of the exhibition "Glass. The current relevance of an Art": Friday 7th September 2018, starting from 5pm.


On the occasion of the second edition of The Venice Glass Week, from 8th – 16th September 2018, the Public Library - Villa Erizzo in Mestre - will host up the exhibition: Glass. The current relevance of an Art from 8th to 16th September 2018.


The exhibition aims to display a selection of the present glass artistic production in hand-blown glass and also in lampworking glass. Two rooms on the first floor of Villa Erizzo will be dedicated to the artworks of important artists from Murano that, every day, express their vision and creativity facing an art performed for centuries, and that even today is synonymous of quality and beauty. Exhibiting artists include: Mauro Bonaventura, Lucio Bubacco, Michele Burato, Simone Crestani, Massimo Micheluzzi, Massimo Nordio and Salviati e Seguso Vetri d’Arte companies. Their presence provides evidence that the Muranese artistic scene is still alive - an economic area that could still offer opportunities to the entire City of Venice. This exhibition in fact is an opportunity to increase some new interesting outlook of present times of glass, but also for the future of our local artistic glass.


Organised by: Comune di Venezia

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Image courtesy of: Comune di Venezia