Inauguration: GLASS THREADS by Laura Sattin

Chiarastella Cattana


Inauguration of the exhibition "GLASS THREADS by Laura Sattin"


Laura Sattin is an Italian architect and designer who lives and works between Venice and Basel. Her work is distinguished by the continuous reflection on the context surrounding her. For Chiarastella Cattana’s store, venue of the exhibition, Laura develops a theme that is linked to the work of the fabric designer Stella: hence "Glass Threads". Objects whose common denominator is the use of mezza filigrana, a refined and complex glass-working technique that creates wefts and weaves of threads on the glass surface. This ancient technique is used to create new patterns and mélange of colors in objects that combine traditional crafts and contemporary aesthetics.

Image captions

Images Courtesy of: Chiarastella Cattana

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Laura Sattin, Doppio Filo, vetro soffiato di Murano, tecnica: mezza filigrana in colori misti. Foto di © Giovanni Comparelli
6. Laura Sattin, Brina, vetro soffiato di Murano, tecnica: incalmo e mezza filigrana. Foto di © Giovanni Comparelli