Inauguration: Murano sotto vuoto at Florian by Fabio Fornasier

Caffè Florian (S.A.C.R.A. srl)


Inauguration of the exhibition "Murano sotto vuoto at Florian by Fabio Fornasier", by invitation only.


"Fabio Fornasier brings his "vacuum-packed chandeliers " at Florian’s: his works of art light up the oldest Caffè in the world which, next year, will turn 300 years of uninterrupted activity. The young artist from Murano aims to demonstrate he is simultaneously stepped into tradition with an open and modern gaze towards the contemporary. With his "vacuum-packed glasses", Fornasier sends an S.O.S., but also a message of hope for the future of the Murano glass art. For many years, Florian has been an international showcase for Murano glass talented artists: its Rooms hosted Yoichi Ohira, Toots Zynsky, Richard Marquis, Maria Grazia Rosin, Antonio Dei Rossi, Silvano Rubino and many others renown masters of the glass art.

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Images Courtesy of: Caffè Florian

1. 2. 3. Murano sotto vuoto 1 – Fabio Fornasier – Vetro e resine plastiche

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