Inauguration: Opaline Garden

Aventurina Design


Inauguration of the exhibition "Opaline Garden".


Misterious plants leaves in this Space. Colors and shapes remind the lagoon and surroundings... The nature goes through the antique and precious material of Murano glass. Opaline and Rubino Aventurina... Gold and Silver Elements combine into the crystal offering us a new vision of beauty and light. The designer Silvia Finiels for Aventurina Design propose “Jardin d’Opaline” a collection of lamps born by the love for the Glass, a skilful mixing of colors and elements revisited in new and fascinated work.... Always luminous!

Image captions

Images courtesy of: Silvia Finiels

1. Jardin d’Opaline. Glass Concept by Silvia Finiels for Aventurina design 2018.
2. Sotto le Nuvole. Festival del Vetro Museo del Vetro, Murano 2018.
3. Riflessi nell’Acqua. Festival del Vetro Museo del Vetro, Murano 2018.
4. Orto Magico. Silvia Finiels in her Gallery.
5. Alghe Marine. Silvia Finiels in her Gallery.
6. Aventurina Gallery, San Polo 2694, Venezia.

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