Inauguration: Prisms and Cylinders – Vaclav Cigler and Michal Motycka

Caterina Tognon


Inauguration of the exhibition "Prisms and Cylinders - Vaclav Cigler and Michal Motycka"


The expression “Land Art” enters the lexicon of contemporary art in the late '60s mainly in relation to American artists. But already in 1959 Vàclav Cigler, class 1929, entrusted on paper projects that could not be defined, if not with that specific expression. Present in the gallery a selection of more than 20 works on paper by Cigler dated 1956-1967, the only witnesses of the ambitious vision of the artist: given the limited means at his disposal at the time, the works remained at project stage. Also in the exhibition a series of glass objects wich repropose the dual identity of the drawings: autonomous creations- optical glass sculptures of pure forms, of minimalist inspiration, - but also maquettes for installations in glass, or other materials.


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Organised by: Caterina Tognon

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