Inauguration: SODA

Cantiere Corpo Luogo e Galleria Made in Art Gallery


The soda is the stabilizing element of the glass, what makes it "long glass", therefore able to cool slowly and therefore allow a slower and more detailed processing. With more soda, the glass is easier to manipulate. An excess of soda, however, makes the glass unstable and not long-lasting over time, ending up opacifying it in the long run and giving it a short life. The works of "Soda" are a way to focus on the meeting point between the use of a material such as glass and the conceptual process that leads to the realization of the work.


Curator: Alice Bortolazzo
Invited artists: Alvise Bittente, Barbara Fragogna, Stefania Mazzola, Chiara Picardi, Eva Schmitt, Eva Chiara Trevisan and Matteo Vettorello.


Organised by: Cantiere Corpo Luogo e Galleria Made in Art Gallery

Image captions

Images Courtesy of: Cristina Fiore

1. Barbara Fragogna | Effimera #9 (The End Of A Process Is A Solution) | 2019 | Misure ambientabili | Creta, vetro
2. Chiara Picardi | Passepartout | 2019 | 90 x 170 cm | Pannello in legno, ottone, vetro di Murano e Uni Posca nero | Opera realizzata in collaborazione con Alvise Bittente
3. Stefania Mazzola | Knight’s Tour | 2019 | 88,75 x 88,75 cm | Grafite, vetro di Murano | Courtesy Berengo Studio e l’artista
4. Alvise Bittente | S.S.S. ovvero SODA + SIDOL = SOLDI | 2019 | Misure ambientabili | Tecnica mista su vetro
5. Matteo Vettorello | Attivatore Di Responsabilità Spirometrica | 2019 | 180 x 50 x 40 cm | Dispositivo di attivazione, palloncino, vetro
6. Eva Chiara Trevisan | Visione di una fusione | 2019 | Dimensioni ambientabili | Ceramica, vetro
7. Eva Z. Schmitt | Il Lusso | Eternità | 2018 | Misure naturali | Fiori di magnolia, vetro di Murano lavorato a lume

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