Inauguration: Soffi – Laura de Santillana and Franco Mazzucchelli



Inauguration of the exhibition: "Soffi - Laura de Santillana and Franco Mazzucchelli"


On the occasion of The Venice Glass Week and of the 58th International Art Exhibition in Venice, Cramum presents the exhibition “Soffi” curated by Sabino Maria Frassà at the Studio Santillana (Giudecca island).


This exhibition underlines the strong connection between Laura de Santillana's and Franco Mazzucchelli's works: glass and plastic share the fact of being generated by air. Indeed “Soffio” is an Italian word meaning both breath and blows. Soffio is an element which has always accompanied our culture: in Genesis God “breathed (life) into his nostrils and man became a living soul”. In Botticelli the Wind gives life to Aphrodite. Finally we cannot but mention “air” as a work of art in itself in the “Bodies of Air” (Corpi di Aria) by Manzoni. In the same way Mazzucchelli and Santillana consider the air of breaths and blows as a unique and essential element which can transform the “raw” material giving it life, order and definite shape. Until air is not blown and imprisoned inside, Mazzucchelli's works are shapeless plastic material. In the same way, the famous “deflated” (sgonfiati) or the “Faithful” (Fedeli) by Laura Santillana would not exist without being first blown-glass volumes. Even though both artists pay attention to the harmony and the balance of the final work, the “soffi” become so important in the artistic process as to determine the work itself. The artist cannot but wait and be linked to the unpredictability and the mystery of the creation he/she has started and that is completed only ... thanks to the "soffio”.


Reservation requested at: +39 041 520 1566. On the occasion of the inauguration, reservation is not required.

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