Inauguration: Captured Moments

Rhian Hâf / Veniceartfactory


Inauguration of the exhibition "Captured Moments".


Rhian Hâf’s work captures fleeting moments of light and shadows; inspired by the shafts of bright light within the narrow alleyways of Venice and the play of transient moments within architectural spaces. Captured Moments explores glass’s inherent ability to transmit and absorb light, by combining technical methods and techniques that alter the surface qualities of clear optical glass, revealing and creating different visual effects. Lit with LEDs, it presents a series of shadows and refracting light, fleeting moments translated into visible static states. The ambience and transience of shadows in intentional stillness demonstrates glass’ fundamental and simple capabilities as a material and offer a dialogue of perception and reflection.


Organised by: Rhian Hâf / Veniceartfactory

Image captions

Images courtesy of di Rhian Hâf and Veniceartfactory.

Languages Spoken
English, Italian
Type of Venue
Commercial Gallery / Shop