Inauguration: Glass Earshot

Signoretto Lampadari Srl


Inauguration of the exhibition "Glass Earshot".


On the occasion of the 2019 edition of The Venice Glass Week, Signoretto Lampadari Murano continues the investigation into the possible relationships between glass and sound through a suggestive selection of works. Can the glass narrate a musical suggestion, become matter and structure for the production of sounds or be born and take shape from the sound itself? Around these questions the selection of the works on show comes to life, born from the unparalleled skill of the master Pino Signoretto or from the quality and competence of the Fratelli Ferro furnace. These productions, in continuity with the research activities already presented to the Glass Week public at the "glassound" exhibition last year, are flanked by the works designed by the young artists of the Decoration atelier of the Accademia di Belle Arti of Venice and made by the expert hands of the masters Gianni and Loris Signoretto. Signoretto Lounge, will become an ideal music box where each work, like the note of a melody played and spread by an invisible structure, will go together with the others, each different yet each linked to the others by an invisible a common thread that links the viewer on this ideal journey, where the "transparent" narration of the emotions that sound can produce renews the universe of Murano glass that, on this occasion, will be truly within earshot.


A cocktail will be offered.

Image captions

Images Courtesy of: Signoretto Lampadari Srl

1. Piantana Audio By Signoretto Lampadari Maestro: Loris Signoretto Luce Design e Suono. La piantana audio è un concept unico che racchiude in sé la qualità di un impianto Hi-Fi e le linee che contraddistinguono lo stile Signoretto.
2. Chimere By Signoretto Lampadari in collaborazione con L’accademia di belle arti Design: Fabiola Perin. Maestri: Gianni & Loris Signoretto. E un’installazione Sonora che indaga la relazione tra il materiale vetro, la sua forma e suono.
3. Duetto By Signoretto Lampadari in collaborazione con Arch. Claudio Pironi Maestro: Gianni & Loris Signoretto.
Duetto rievoca un dialogo in musica tra forma e sostanza, una rilettura in chiave contemporanea della storia millenaria del vetro di Murano che contraddistingue da generazioni la famiglia Signoretto, ideato dall’architetto Claudio Pironi.
4. Chitarra in Vetro By Ferro Brothers Maestri: Pietro & Riccardo Ferro.
The Ferro Brothers ha creato una chitarra in vetro di Murano che suona
5. Violino Vetro By Pino Signoretto.
Con le sue Pregiate mani e capacità artistica il Maestro Pino Signoretto ha raggiunti L’arte di Murano con l’arte della musica e il suono creando così un Violino in vetro.

Type of Venue
Atelier / Furnace, Commercial Gallery / Shop