Inauguration: The Wood in Venice

Lunardelli Venezia


Inauguration of the exhibition "The Wood in Venice".


The exposition “The Wood in Venice” wants to present the results of a journey through design and experimentation where artisans and designers have explored the combination of wood and the artistic glass of Murano, two materials that are the base of the venetian craftsmanship. Lunardelli Venezia is a brand that collaborates with talented designers, creatives and venetian artisan companies to create new design objects with wood. The mission of the brand is to enclose the soul of Venice, its details and emotions that belongs to this place, into valuable objects. In this way Lunardelli Venezia follow the tracks of the historical know-how of the island trying to expand its potentiality with the help of digital manufacturing technologies.


Organised by: Lunardelli Venezia

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Images courtesy of: Lunardelli Venezia

1. Sfojo (lavorazione) - Lunardelli Venezia
2. Lunardelli Venezia - The wood In Venice
3. Canneto (dettaglio) - Lunardelli Venezia

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English, Italian
Type of Venue
Commercial Gallery / Shop