Michael Zyw: Noah’s dream

Michael Zyw con Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia


'Noah's Dream'- il Sogno di Noé- is a glasswork inspired by a dream of love for the protection of the earth, people, the environment, of nature and also of the vine. This work is in part abstract and was made in the glassworks of Murano in 2014, it has a very slight similarity to the famous Giovanni Bellini painting ' Ebbrezza di Noé' of which the artist was not aware at the time of creating the glasswork. It is accompanied at the Palazzo Mocenigo by 'Vineyard' , and by 'Calice 5', necessary for the production and tasting of the wine in this dream! 'Nascita', 2015, watercolour of dimensions 130 x 200 cms is in homage to Giovanni Bellini and the wonderful creativity of Venetian art over the centuries. Contributor: Fondazione Bertarelli.


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Organised  by: Michael Zyw con Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia

Image captions

Images courtesy of: Michael Zyw with Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia.

1. 'Il Sogno di Noé', 2014, diametro cm 82, spessore cm 8, Vetro.
2. 'Nascita' 2015, cm 130 x 200, Acquerello su Carta.
3. 'Vigna' 2017, alt cm 51, diametro cm 22, Vetro.
4. 'Calice 5' 2017, alt cm 46, diametro cm 18, Vetro.

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