Honey Garden Picnic and guided tour of the glass factory

Judi Harvest & Giorgio Giuman Glass Factory


The Honey Garden was conceived and planted by Judi Harvest in 2013 on a forgotten field behind the Giorgio Giuman Glass Factory in Murano. It was the heart of her exhibition titled "DENATURED: Honeybees + Murano Glass" for the 2013 Biennale. Four Honeybee colonies were installed to bring awareness to the declining Murano glass industry and the endangered Honeybees, two colonies of beauty on the road to extinction.


Now, five years later, the Honeybees have increased to 8 colonies and the factory continues to create. This is the 5th annual picnic and second for the Venice Glass Week. Please join us to celebrate the beauty of nature and Murano glass and the complex, wonderful work they have in common.


Organised by: Judi Harvest & Giorgio Giuman Glass Factory

Image captions

Images courtesy of: Judi Harvest

1. Judi Harvest estrae il miele a Murano.
2. Arnie a Murano, aprile 2013.
3. Judi Harvest nell'Honeygarden.
4. Prima dell'Honeygarden.
5. Honeygarden.
6. Judi Harvest realizza degli stampi in cera.

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Glass Atelier / Furnace